Provide smart water meters (hardware) and management software for meters & households management, billing and payment system.The solutions will help remote meter reading, managing leakage, and provide comprehensive and effective management tools to utilities.

How it work

Smart Water meter


Management Software


Optimize Resources & Maintenance Costs

Completely wireless and automatic remote reading Help to simplify the reading and billing process for the entire city

The complete picture of utilities data management

• Digitization: Assets management & Digitize the data of pipeline network
• Monitoring the network of metering: support utilities to detect the abnormalities on the pipeline, support household to detect their own house leakage/abnormalities to avoid unexpected costs

Web-app for online payment

Making an online payment website for water utilities that integrates directly into the existing websites of the companies. The web-app is where for residents, customers of water utilities can access, view their usage and pay online. The website integrates with several payment gateways such as: Napas, Momo, VNPay, Vi Viet,..


Online Payment

The official website of the water utilities now have direct online payment system, improving digitizing capability

Mutiple Payment Gateways

Integrate many online payment gateways, making it easy for many customers to pay online

Optimized process

Reduce the workload of payment reconciliation when there is a website that aggregates payment gateway systems on the same platform